The Hepburns: Something Worth Stealing

Anthony Rochester: Music for Librarians

The Cat Box Quartet: Running Uphill

Cessna: Terminus

The Hepburns: The Last Thing I Saw Before I…

The Hepburns: Deciphering Linear A

Replicant: Kuuki No Soko

Gypsophile vs. Shop: Deux musiciens en crise

The Double Life of Testbild!

18fps: The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei

18fps: The Politics of Disappearance

Nice System: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex

Gypsophile: De loin, les choses

those silly catalogue cards from the 3" era


This package is about external versus internal. It’s about black and white versus color. It’s about shy guy as caged beast.

Let’s start this one from the inside.

Radio Khartoum manifesto, tenet #3: No musician photos on album artwork. We project music, not band fashions.

Anthony Rochester puts on a shy front. The first time Anthony phoned RK headquarters, he said something like, “hello, this is Anthony,” and then clammed up.

Rules, like records, are made to be broken. The idea to hide a photo behind the disc of Anthony peeking from the far side of a book case in a library came very early on. For some reason I thought of a photo that’s on the inside of Benoit Hennebert’s gatefold for Les Disques du Crépuscule’s The Fruit of the Original Sin.

It was only somewhat later when one of Anthony’s friends suggested, in response to my photo request, that Anthony entitle his album Music for Librarians.

The second inspiration for this package was the face of the pacing leopard in a zoo which opens Juraj Herz’s The Cremator (Spalovač Mrtvol, 1968). (Most of my ideas come to me in the dark of the cinema).

Note that the outside of the package is devoid of color. But there’s an externalization of sorts going on here, in that the track listing has been pulled to the front of the cover…

…and further credits (songwriting, studio, photography, etc.) which would usually be buried on the inside have also been externalized as bars on the back of the digipak.

I’m not sure if the backslashes surrounding the UPC mess up scans or not, but how could I resist putting the “bar” back into barcode?

And so, the only color in the package is the disc (Anthony’s music) and the photo of Anthony hiding behind the disc.