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RK artist websites:

The Cat Box Corp.
Cavil / facebook
Essiar / facebook
Gypsophile: myspace
The Hepburns: facebook / bandcamp
Nice System / Remington Super 60
Anthony Rochester / facebook
Testbild! / facebook
Watoo Watoo / facebook

Associate artist websites:

Chesty Morgan
Beth Custer (ex-Club Foot Orchestra)
Dakota Suite
Instant Life
Moskitoo (ex-Replicant)
Louis Philippe
Julien Ribot
Mark Tranmer (Gnac)

Mail order outfits (that sell RK stuff):

Vollwert Records (Germany)
Unisex (Germany)
Darla (US)
Jigsaw Records (US)
Saki Store (US)
Tonevendor (US)

Interviews online:

The Hepburns: Burning Aquarium: April 2011
The Hepburns: Cloudberry Cake Proselytism: June 2009
Testbild!: Songs and Sonics: June 2008
Gypsophile: Chanson boum! (Radio France): February 2007 (c. 45 min. podcast in French)
Gypsophile: Indie-eye: February 2007 (31 min. podcast in Italian and French)
Testbild: Metica: January 2007 (in Swedish)
Gypsophile: Mira el Pénduló: November 2006 (in Spanish)
Testbild!: Digfi: October 2004 (in Swedish again)
Cessna (Qs without As): Think Small: Septemer 2004 (in Dutch)
Gypsophile: : June 2004
Gypsophile: April 2004
The Hepburns: Indiepop Spinzone: March 2004
The Hepburns: Pinoy Central: April 2004
Testbild!: Twisterella: November 2003: A day in the life of...
Watoo Watoo: Summer 2003
Gypsophile: February 2003 (in French)
Testbild!: Twisterella: February 2002 (in Swedish)
Radio Khartoum: Autumn 2001
Radio Khartoum: Twisterella: August 2001 (in Swedish)
Cessna: Ink 19: May 2001
Radio Khartoum: Ink 19: February 2001
A.Bailey interviews the Montgolfier Brothers: Twisterella: 1999


Weapon of Mass Distraction

Label websites:

Cafe 2001
Friendly Noise
Grimsey Records
Mini Tenor
Music Related
Shelflife Records
Vespertine & Son

RK's favorite webhost (since March '03):

Year round spring cleaning in the personal record collection:

Xander's Sale Box