THE CAT BOX QUARTET: Running Uphill [khz105]

Friendly noise with a lot of melodica from Denmark. »more

CAVIL: Mares’ Tails [khz110]

Folk nocturnes and lullabies of everyday betrayal and yearning from Northern England. Recommended if you like the Montgolfier Brothers, Tindersticks, or the sound of a distant train whistle in the dark. »more

CAVIL: Mares’ Tails [mhz110]

The vinyl edition, by special request. Includes a download card. »more

CESSNA: Terminus [khz303]

Their finest moment, somehow mixing everything: Scandinavian breeze, Serge, Os Mutantes, Famous Boyfriend, Velvet Underground, Can and gorgeous, laid-back cowboy riffs. And it works! »more

CESSNA: The Loves, Longings and Regrets of Cessna [khz100]

Rambling basslines and jazzy chords for meteor showers, stolen scooters and rain-soaked electronics.

ESSIAR: Summer in Minsk [khz199]

Figure skating guitars, toy-like arrangements and "Scottish" way of Montpellier. »more

GYPSOPHILE: De loin, les choses [khz101]

“…ranks up there with Colossal Youth, Once Upon a Summertime, and For Philip Guston on my list of perfectly-produced efforts.” —Lemony Snicket »more

GYPSOPHILE: Songs of a Thousand Nights [khz298]

Moody bedroom bossa from France. Alternate soundtrack for Milos Forman's Loves of a Blonde?

GYPSOPHILE VS. SHOP: Deux musiciens en crise [khz202]

The nocturnal crooner vs. the garage electronics maestro: part collaboration, part smash up, all French.

THE HEPBURNS: In the Mean Time [khz118]

“What it all comes down to is anger. The new Hepburns album is also given to joy, humour, and deep reverence for life’s in-between moments—but its … »more

THE HEPBURNS: There’s no such thing as the Hepburns [mhz116]

Welsh indie stalwarts return with their vibe-laden, trumpet-spiked brand of melancholia. It’s sunshine pop of the palest order. Produced by Anthony Rochester. »more

THE HEPBURNS: How the Fallen Are Mighty [khz210]

The Hepburns at their cattiest. »more

THE HEPBURNS: How the Fallen Are Mighty [mhz210]

Same as the above but in a larger package and with a download card. »more

THE HEPBURNS: Something Worth Stealing [khz107]

A romantic fling with the Hepburns. Nothing more, nothing less. Goes out with a bang. »more

THE HEPBURNS: butterfly fish T-shirt [vhf307]
An homage to the magic of the Hepburns in squiggly lines on cotton. »more
T-shirt $18 »colors and sizes

THE HEPBURNS: Deciphering Linear A [mhz103]

What if? It's pop in a subjunctive mood. »more

THE HEPBURNS: The Girl Who Lost Interest in Everything [uhf203]

Op-art goes figurative. Hand screened poster. »more

THE HEPBURNS: The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye [khz203]

Inimitable character sketches by one of the two finest pop acts ever to come from Wales. »more

THE HEPBURNS: Champagne Reception [khz200]

Down a garden path of whimsy, caprice and chance encounters with the ghosts of boxers, soda machines... »more

THE HEPBURNS: Champagne Reception [mhz200]

Last few copies! These came back to us from a distribution dead-end and may have small corner dings. »more

NICE SYSTEM: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex [khz201]

A more accoustic side of Remington Super 60. Ba-ba-bas, bossanova, and fragile, warbling keyboard calls, this is music for homework dodging. »more

NICE SYSTEM: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex [mhz201]

Same as above, but on white vinyl. »more

REPLICANT: Kuuki No Soko [khz302]

Hazy morning synths, twilight cricket rhythms, it's atmospheric and child-like pop from Japan. »more

ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Music for Librarians [khz205]

Gorgeous second album by the best thing out of Tasmania since Errol Flynn. »more

TESTBILD!: The Double Life of Testbild! [khz102]

Surreal pop from Sweden that goes where only doppelgängers dare tread... »more

TESTBILD!: The Double Life of Testbild! [uhf102]

18.5" x 18". So-so printing, hence the low price. »more

WATOO WATOO: Picture of a Lost Friend [khz299]

Martin Duffy-era Felt meets Club 8 on the boulevards of Paris. »more

TESTBILD! / ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Return of Everson K (18fps vol. 6) [mhz305]

Everson K is back, and his shadow is thrilling to the 5/4... »more

V/A: The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei (18fps vol. 5) [khz401]

Zero gravity with 800 Cherries, Hitoribocchi, Spacehonky, Souvenir, Instant Life, Testbild! and Cessna vs Nu Science. »more

V/A: The Politics of Disappearance (18fps vol. 4) [khz301]

Cinematic meditation on the hidden and the lost, things not here, and things elsewhere. Soundtrack by Dakota Suite, Cavil, Christine, Spring and Julien Ribot. »more

V/A: The Stations of Abandoned Days (18fps vol. 3) [khz300]

Drifting and whistling with Cinnamon, Hitoribocchi, Chocolate Barry, Caramel and Chesty Morgan. »more

V/A: Transmarine (18fps vol. 2) [khz398]

Songs of sadness and beauty for lost loves across the sea featuring Le Mans, Louis Philippe, Club Foot Orchestra, Quigley and Christine. »more

V/A: The Flight of Everson K (18fps vol. 1) [khz198]

Nouvelle vague thriller soundtrack by Chocolate Barry, Essiar, Bizarre, Christine, Seashells and Instant Life. »more

Xmas Tree Invasion [uhf106]

Nothing says “holiday” like a sky filled with giant Christmas trees… »more

Hepburns / Anthony Rochester 2007 tour poster [uhf207]

11" x 17", offset print, ships in tube. Additional copies, $1. »more

Friendly Noise (Sweden):

ACTION BIKER: Hesperian Puisto [Friendly Noise fyn69]

It really is time for Action Biker’s first solo album! It has now been six years since she emerged as an artist doing fun and popular live shows and … »more

DIFFERNET: Collapsing Universe [Friendly Noise fyn50]

More slabs of crunchy pop concrete. Vive la Differnet! »more

DIFFERNET: The title of the new record is the text printed on the cover, or nothing at all. [Friendly Noise fyn026]

The elusive second album by Differnet. »more

THE DREAMERS: Day For Night [Friendly Noise fyn55]

A beautiful late night listener from Kevin Wright (Always) and Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action Biker). »more

MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS: You in Honey [Friendly Noise fyn31]

Debut album from Swedish quartet MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS throws open the blinds and lets the light shine in. The four fellows from Nacka cite “new … »more

TESTBILD!: Aquatint [Friendly Noise fyn99]

Easy listening for abandoned lighthouse librarians on the verge… »more

TESTBILD!: Une teinte intense [Friendly Noise fyn52]

A desert opus inspired by the elusive Isabelle Eberhardt. »more

TESTBILD!: Imagine a House [Friendly Noise fyn33]

The new, gentler Testbild!: melodic, sweet and haunted. »more

TESTBILD!: The Inexplicable Feeling Of September [Friendly Noise fyn22]

Second album of surreal guitar pop and acid folk meets jagged shards of postpunk and electronics. A world of their own... »more

V/A: Splendid Isolation [Friendly Noise fyn68]

A collection of exclusive tracks from the Radio Dept., Testbild!, Most Valuable Players, Differnet, Action Biker, Viktor Sjöberg, VED, Peter Jackson, … »more

V/A: Are You Scared To Get Happy? [Friendly Noise fyn30]

Their hearts hide dreams of perfect piano intros. Their hands strum plastic harps while aiming the sound at the distant sky. They’re dreamers … »more

Quince Records (Japan):

THE APHRODISIACS: In the Name of the Father [Quince Records QRCP-38]

Scottish experimental trio have been around since 2002 when they reportedly sounded like Mogwai with a Casio keyboard thrown in for good measure... … »more

ARIEL KILL HIM: Named After You [Quince Records QRCP-44]

“Named After You” is the first new full-length album by Ariel Kill Him (aka David Lehnberg of Gävle, Sweden) since 2003’s successful “In The Pyramid” … »more

THE BROTHERS WITH DIFFERENT MOTHERS: Daffodils and Devils [Quince Records QRCP-30]

Imagine a world where The Monkees were played by The Stone Roses. From Manchester, UK, The Brothers With Different Mothers love the vibe of the live … »more

KEITH CANISIUS: Waves [Quince Records QRCP-75] last copy!

On this totally self produced album, Keith Canisius (Rumskib) takes his romantic ocean dream pop one step further from his previous album Ferris … »more

ECOVILLAGE: Phoenix Asteroid [Quince Records QRCP-72]

Blissy shoegaze/psyche from Sweden with a little help from Jonas Munk (Manual). »more

GOLDSTONED: Le Connoisseur [Quince Records QRCP-34]

Sergeant Pop is back. Mistaken by many for the unlawful child of Paul McCartney and Ronnie Spector, nephew of Belle & Sebastian, and/or cousin of … »more

THE HUSSY'S: Super Pro+ [Quince Records QRCP-66]

Do the departed listen to their T-Rex records in heaven? One of many questions posed on the second album by Glasgow's The Hussy's. A superabundance … »more

LOTHAR: Montgolfier [Quince Records QRCP-65]

“Oh ****, that's amazing! It's like the next Luminous Orange, but with the potential for even more greatness!” —Dan Sostrom, Clairecords »more

LOVEBITES: Essence [Quince Records QRCP-22]

Danish cult favorites Lovebites have returned after a long hiatus with the album “Essence”. Though well-travelled, the band claims Copenhagen, … »more

MAÑANA: Interruptions [Quince Records QRCP-76]

With ‘Interruptions’, Swiss 5-piece Mañana take us on an eclectic journey through their very own universe, thriving on contrasts and experiments. … »more

MIXTAPES & CELLMATES: Rox [Quince Records QRCP-77]

Stockholm combo Mixtapes & Cellmates return with “Rox,” their highly anticipated second album. Previous albums and EPs were compared with The Radio … »more

NO AND THE MAYBES: No And The Maybes [Quince Records QRCP-73]

No and the Maybes are an eclectic three-piece from Copenhagen, Denmark, on a mission to save and reclaim the catchy melody from wedding singers and … »more

POPFACE: Eleven Pieces of a Broken Heart [Quince Records QRCP-68]

Popface has been synonymous with the Norwegian indie scene, or — more to the point — the shoegazer scene, since they first started in the mid … »more

RADIOSEED: There Has To Be More [Quince Records QRCP-84]

RadioSeed is Peter Wikström of Swedish duo Ecovillage (whose debut album Phoenix Asteroid was released to much critical acclaim in 2009). The … »more

RED CARPET: The Noise Of Red Carpet [Quince Records QRCP-31]

Second album by the unsung heroes of Finnish indie pop, now available in the US! Sharing two members with jangle and shuffle meisters Ultrasport, Red … »more

SANTA DOG: Kittyhawk [Quince Records QRCP-50]

Santa Dog play sparkly, sassy, summer-soaked pop with chiming guitars and a sinister fringe. Think Blondie going two rounds with the Throwing Muses … »more

SCARLET YOUTH: Goodbye Doesn't Mean I'm Gone [Quince Records QRCP-85]

Scarlet Youth—Kalle Pyyhtinen’s (Shamrain) new band—blends huge, enchanting shoegaze melodies with dreamy Finnish melancholia. Add a dash of … »more

SEASHELLS: Remains of Something Sweet [Quince Records QRCP-18]

Return of those lovely 'shells and their incredible snap, bounce, brass, jangle and boundless zip.

SWEETNESS: Ashtray Floors [Quince Records QRCP-33]

This charming band comes to our shores way of Japan’s Quince Records, but Sweetness hail from California. The quartet took a lot of time with their … »more

TEANECK: Masters of Achievement [Quince Records QRCP-46]

California three-piece, Teaneck, flaunt a confident rock sense and eminently hummable pop melodies on Masters of Achivement, their first full-length … »more

TUPELO HONEYS: Tupelo Honeys Salute You [Quince Records QRCP-52]

Stockholm-based boy/girl duo of twins Joel and Linn Edin have played music more or less all their lives, and finally released their debut “Tupelo … »more

ULTRASPORT: Nothing Can Go Wrong [Quince Records QRCP-23]

High speed jangle pop from Finland brought to you by way of Japan. Appropriately, Ultrasport’s sound comes from somewhere between Keigo “Cornelius” … »more

V/A: Guitar Sketch [Quince Records QRCP-20]

A collection of guitar pop curated by Quince Records of Japan, a label that obviously has its finger on the collective pulse of a global movement. … »more

Vespertine & Son (UK):

AT SWIM TWO BIRDS: Before You Left [Vespertine & Son v & s 102]

Before You Left underlines Roger Quigley's credentials as an expert purveyor of slowly unravelling melancholic pop. Over more than a decade, both on … »more

AT SWIM TWO BIRDS: Quigley's Point [Vespertine & Son v & s 1]

Quiet yet intense solo album from the voice of the Montgolfier Brothers. Perfect for that 3am glow... »more

THE BITTER SPRINGS: Benny Hill's Wardrobe [Vespertine ves011] last 2 copies

More sour, surly and irresistibly absurd ramblings from south London’s least popular postmen. Features Vic Godard singing in French and producer Mike … »more

THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS: All My Bad Thoughts [Vespertine & Son v & s 5]

2014 basement find! Unavailable since 2010. These last copies have minor discoloration on digipaks. »more

THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS: Journey's End [Vespertine & Son v & s 4] last 2 copies

Crepuscular orchestrations from Mark Tranmer (Gnac) and Roger Quigley (At Swim Two Birds). »more

THE OTTO SHOW: The Very Spit of the Otto Show [Vespertine & Son v & s 2]

Vintage recordings by the mysterious third Montgolfier Brother. Armed with 4-track, glockenspiel, ukelele, guitars, piano, harmonium...and a persistent negativity bordering on deadpan comic genius. »more

V/A: An Evening in the Company of the Vespertine [Vespertine ves004]

Appendix Out (Alasdair Roberts), Butterfly Child, Cavil, Fuxa, Gnac, Lazerboy, Mongers, Nautilus, Oneironaut (Ian Masters), Quigley and … »more

Recommended odds & ends:

THE BIG I AM: Collecting Skies [Folkwit Records f0054]

“The Big I Am have been knocking around the Liverpool acoustic scene creating a ripple of fuss for some years now, but never would I have expected … »more

CESSNA: Time Ticks Remixes [Amuri Air lento301]

Unleashing the synthpop potential of the rainy day synth and acoustic guitar number from the last album. »more

REBECCA CLAMP: Key to the City [Folkwit Records f0055]

Rebecca Clamp's second release with Folkwit Records, Key to the City, is a love letter to Clamp's neighbourhood in Helsinki, but you don't need to … »more

DANIEL CARLSON: Aviary Jackson [Folkwit Records f0047]

By turns epic, intimate, joyful, and heartbreaking, Daniel Carlson’s AVIARY JACKSON takes us on a cinematic musical journey. “[It’s] a rich album, … »more

GYPSOPHILE: Assunta [Lenka lente lkl-06-03]

Languid and intense "chanson free" from RK nocturnal favorite, Guillaume Belhomme. »more

GYPSOPHILE: Les profils des dômes [Lenka lente lkl-04-01]

Between classical, folk and jazz. Minimal and intimate, ever nocturnal. Gypsophile just keeps getting more and more interesting. »more

THE HAPPY COUPLE: Into the Woods [Félicité Records FELP1]

From the leafy twilight of indiepop and electronic acid-folk… »more

THE HEPBURNS: Trojan Hearse [Bendigedig Recordings bdg001]

Jones and Co. wrap you like a warm blanket as they contemplate madness, painkillers, paperboys, hairdressers, divorcees, and Roger Federer's backhand. »more

IF WEN: Take a Look at the Sea [Folkwit Records f0015]

Written on a beach in West Cornwall and recorded in a nearby barn, TAKE A LOOK AT THE SEA is widescreen nu-folk at its most heartbreaking. Imagine an … »more

LOUISE LE MAY: Tell Me One Thing That Is New [Folkwit Records f0039]

With a voice that is at once haunting, intimate, and achingly powerful, London-based singer-songwriter Louise Le May blends sensuous, serpentine … »more

THE MAMS: Wam Bam! [Gonzo/Muso GM007]

Nobody manages to hate this one for long. Totally uncool, totally fabulous... »more

MICROMARS: Metro [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub012cd]

Space-age post-pop from a Norwegian wiz. Mr. Micromars guests on Anthony Rochester's "Music for Librarians" too. »more

MICROMARS: Metro [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub012lp]

As above, but on double 10” vinyl. »more

MR. AND MRS. MUFFINS: The Raindrop Dance and Other Songs About Love [Honey Muffin Records HMR001]

Originally recorded for a pair of children’s audio books, this dreamy music begged to stand on its own. And stand it does. »more

NEOANGIN: Scratchbook [Lieblingslied Records alive6401730]

Unstable cheerfulness and exhilarated gloom in the form of 26 songs and a 100 page book. »more

NEOANGIN: Unhappy House [Jim Avignon jim7]

17 more friendly/fierce junkpop gems from Jim Avignon. »more

THE OCEAN TANGO: s/t [Wonder WonderEta] last 2 copies

Louis Philippe working with Testbild! and vice-versa. What else do you need to know? »more

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: Laboratoire Mondial [Sloflo Music flooo1] last copy!

Gorgeous, layered (modern) psychedelia, with honeyed vocals to match Louis Philippe's. »more

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: A Summerday by the Lake [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub017cd]

Quintessential lazy afternoon music. Gorgeous, thick melodies on the most tripped-out pop debut in ages. »more

ORWELL: Exposition universelle [Europop 2000 europiste5]

Sunshine pop and baroque rock in a modern mode. French pop doesn’t get any better than this. Download included. »more

ORWELL: Exposition universelle [Europop 2000 europiste6]

Orwell never let me down! More airy, orchestral-pop brilliance from Jérôme Didelot and friends. »more

ORWELL: Continental [Europop 2000 europiste4]

Another lush opus from Nancy-based songwriter Jérôme Didelot, aka Orwell, with electronics (Stylophone, Farfisa, Moog...) now working hand-in-hand … »more

ORWELL: Le génie humain [Twin Fizz Records TFR0707]

Silky, buzzy, French orch. pop goods. »more

ORWELL: Des lendemains [Europop 2000 europiste3]

Orwell’s first full-length album, from 2002. RK has loved this group from the start. This is the French edition. … »more

ORWELL: L’archipel [Twin Fizz Records TFR0504]

Orwell’s second full-length album. Orwell can do no wrong in RK’s ears. French edition, digipak with 8-page … »more

ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Hot Hits ’96 [Jigsaw Records pzl019]

The wonderful, talented and under-appreciated Mr. Rochester can do no wrong… »more

RUDOLF ROCKER: Rabbiting With Richard Dido [Mook Records mkcd17]

UK pop eccentrics. Think Wolfhounds / Wedding Present with Hepburns / Monochrome Set morals. »more

RUDOLF ROCKER: Rousseau [Mook Records mk08] last copy!

Bonkers little gem: Punched up, postpunk take on spy themes and samba. »more

SAFARIARI: Save New York [Cafe 2001 caf003] last 2 copies

Electronic club pop of the finest order, with a sci-fi Beach Boys sensibility. »more

SNIPPET: Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey [Folkwit Records f0060]

Snippet is London born / Colchester based Johnno Casson with a little help from Dutch producer Wim Oudijk. Casson cut his teeth as lead singer of … »more

STERNPOST: s/t [Kalligrammofon kalligrammofon24] last 3 copies

Six moody, piano-driven, vocal pieces from Testbild! founding member, Petter Herbertsson. Long since sold out at Kalligrammofon, but appearing here now thanks to a shipping snag. »more

TESTBILD!: Barrikad [Kalligrammofon kalligrammofon22]

Mysterious acoustic soundscapes, muted brass fanfares, and general dreaminess from our favorite Swedish collective. »more

WATOO WATOO: le fumalin [Les Disques Maladroits LDM1]

French duo Watoo Watoo are back, and with what turns out to be (at long last!) their first proper album. As such, le fumalin pulls together all the … »more

My Grandmother [BC Records bc8]

Clarinettist Beth Custer, the composer behind Club Foot Orchestra’s “Rig” (Transmarine, khz398) presents a new score for one of the most whacked … »more