THE CAT BOX QUARTET: Running Uphill [khz105]

Friendly noise with a lot of melodica from… »more

CAVIL: Mares’ Tails [khz110]

Folk nocturnes and lullabies of everyday betrayal and yearning from Northern England. Recommended if you like the Montgolfier Brothers, Tindersticks,… »more

CAVIL: Mares’ Tails [mhz110]

The vinyl edition, by special request. Includes a download… »more

CESSNA: Terminus [khz303]

Their finest moment, somehow mixing everything: Scandinavian breeze, Serge, Os Mutantes, Famous Boyfriend, Velvet Underground, Can and gorgeous,… »more

CESSNA: The Loves, Longings and Regrets of Cessna [khz100]

Rambling basslines and jazzy chords for meteor showers, stolen scooters and rain-soaked… »more

ESSIAR: Summer in Minsk [khz199]

Figure skating guitars, toy-like arrangements and "Scottish" way of… »more

GYPSOPHILE: De loin, les choses [khz101]

“…ranks up there with Colossal Youth, Once Upon a Summertime, and For Philip Guston on my list of perfectly-produced efforts.” —Lemony… »more

GYPSOPHILE: Songs of a Thousand Nights [khz298]

Moody bedroom bossa from France. Alternate soundtrack for Milos Forman's Loves of a… »more

GYPSOPHILE VS. SHOP: Deux musiciens en crise [khz202]

The nocturnal crooner vs. the garage electronics maestro: part collaboration, part smash up, all… »more

THE HEPBURNS: In the Mean Time [khz118]

“What it all comes down to is anger. The new Hepburns album is also given to joy, humour, and deep reverence for life’s in-between moments—but its… »more

THE HEPBURNS: There’s no such thing as the Hepburns [mhz116]

Welsh indie stalwarts return with their vibe-laden, trumpet-spiked brand of melancholia. It’s sunshine pop of the palest order. Produced by Anthony… »more

THE HEPBURNS: How the Fallen Are Mighty [khz210]

The Hepburns at their… »more

THE HEPBURNS: How the Fallen Are Mighty [mhz210]

Same as the above but in a larger package and with a download… »more

THE HEPBURNS: Something Worth Stealing [khz107]

A romantic fling with the Hepburns. Nothing more, nothing less. Goes out with a bang.… »more

THE HEPBURNS: butterfly fish T-shirt [vhf307]
An homage to the magic of the Hepburns in squiggly lines on cotton. »more
T-shirt $18 »colors and sizes

THE HEPBURNS: Deciphering Linear A [mhz103]

What if? It's pop in a subjunctive… »more

THE HEPBURNS: The Girl Who Lost Interest in Everything [uhf203]

Op-art goes figurative. Hand screened… »more

THE HEPBURNS: The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye [khz203]

Inimitable character sketches by one of the two finest pop acts ever to come from… »more

THE HEPBURNS: Champagne Reception [khz200]

Down a garden path of whimsy, caprice and chance encounters with the ghosts of boxers, soda… »more

THE HEPBURNS: Champagne Reception [mhz200]

Last few copies! These came back to us from a distribution dead-end and may have small corner… »more

NICE SYSTEM: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex [khz201]

A more accoustic side of Remington Super 60. Ba-ba-bas, bossanova, and fragile, warbling keyboard calls, this is music for homework… »more

NICE SYSTEM: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex [mhz201]

Same as above, but on white… »more

REPLICANT: Kuuki No Soko [khz302]

Hazy morning synths, twilight cricket rhythms, it's atmospheric and child-like pop from… »more

ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Music for Librarians [khz205]

Gorgeous second album by the best thing out of Tasmania since Errol Flynn.… »more

TESTBILD!: The Double Life of Testbild! [khz102]

Surreal pop from Sweden that goes where only doppelgängers dare… »more

TESTBILD!: The Double Life of Testbild! [uhf102]

18.5" x 18". So-so printing, hence the low… »more

WATOO WATOO: Picture of a Lost Friend [khz299]

Martin Duffy-era Felt meets Club 8 on the boulevards of… »more

TESTBILD! / ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Return of Everson K (18fps vol. 6) [mhz305]

Everson K is back, and his shadow is thrilling to the… »more

V/A: The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei (18fps vol. 5) [khz401]

Zero gravity with 800 Cherries, Hitoribocchi, Spacehonky, Souvenir, Instant Life, Testbild! and Cessna vs Nu… »more

V/A: The Politics of Disappearance (18fps vol. 4) [khz301]

Cinematic meditation on the hidden and the lost, things not here, and things elsewhere. Soundtrack by Dakota Suite, Cavil, Christine, Spring and… »more

V/A: The Stations of Abandoned Days (18fps vol. 3) [khz300]

Drifting and whistling with Cinnamon, Hitoribocchi, Chocolate Barry, Caramel and Chesty… »more

V/A: Transmarine (18fps vol. 2) [khz398]

Songs of sadness and beauty for lost loves across the sea featuring Le Mans, Louis Philippe, Club Foot Orchestra, Quigley and… »more

V/A: The Flight of Everson K (18fps vol. 1) [khz198]

Nouvelle vague thriller soundtrack by Chocolate Barry, Essiar, Bizarre, Christine, Seashells and Instant… »more

Xmas Tree Invasion [uhf106]

Nothing says “holiday” like a sky filled with giant Christmas… »more

Hepburns / Anthony Rochester 2007 tour poster [uhf207]

11" x 17", offset print, ships in tube. Additional copies,… »more

Friendly Noise (Sweden):

ACTION BIKER: Hesperian Puisto [Friendly Noise fyn69]

It really is time for Action Biker’s first solo album! It has now been six years since she emerged as an artist doing fun and popular live shows and… »more

DIFFERNET: Collapsing Universe [Friendly Noise fyn50]

More slabs of crunchy pop concrete. Vive la… »more

DIFFERNET: The title of the new record is the text printed on the cover, or nothing at all. [Friendly Noise fyn026]

The elusive second album by… »more

THE DREAMERS: Day For Night [Friendly Noise fyn55]

A beautiful late night listener from Kevin Wright (Always) and Sarah Nyberg Pergament (Action… »more

MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS: You in Honey [Friendly Noise fyn31]

Debut album from Swedish quartet MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS throws open the blinds and lets the light shine in. The four fellows from Nacka cite “new… »more

TESTBILD!: Aquatint [Friendly Noise fyn99]

Easy listening for abandoned lighthouse librarians on the… »more

TESTBILD!: Une teinte intense [Friendly Noise fyn52]

A desert opus inspired by the elusive Isabelle… »more

TESTBILD!: Imagine a House [Friendly Noise fyn33]

The new, gentler Testbild!: melodic, sweet and… »more

TESTBILD!: The Inexplicable Feeling Of September [Friendly Noise fyn22]

Second album of surreal guitar pop and acid folk meets jagged shards of postpunk and electronics. A world of their… »more

V/A: Splendid Isolation [Friendly Noise fyn68]

A collection of exclusive tracks from the Radio Dept., Testbild!, Most Valuable Players, Differnet, Action Biker, Viktor Sjöberg, VED, Peter Jackson,… »more

V/A: Are You Scared To Get Happy? [Friendly Noise fyn30]

Their hearts hide dreams of perfect piano intros. Their hands strum plastic harps while aiming the sound at the distant sky. They’re dreamers… »more

Quince Records (Japan):

THE APHRODISIACS: In the Name of the Father [Quince Records QRCP-38]

Scottish experimental trio have been around since 2002 when they reportedly sounded like Mogwai with a Casio keyboard thrown in for good measure...… »more

ARIEL KILL HIM: Named After You [Quince Records QRCP-44]

“Named After You” is the first new full-length album by Ariel Kill Him (aka David Lehnberg of Gävle, Sweden) since 2003’s successful “In The Pyramid”… »more

THE BROTHERS WITH DIFFERENT MOTHERS: Daffodils and Devils [Quince Records QRCP-30]

Imagine a world where The Monkees were played by The Stone Roses. From Manchester, UK, The Brothers With Different Mothers love the vibe of the live… »more

KEITH CANISIUS: Waves [Quince Records QRCP-75]

On this totally self produced album, Keith Canisius (Rumskib) takes his romantic ocean dream pop one step further from his previous album Ferris… »more

CARROTS: Anthology [Quince Records QRCP-32]

An anthology of the best songs of genius Spanish psychedelic pop band, Carrots, who designed soundscapes full of coloured fantasy and baroque flavor.… »more

ECOVILLAGE: Phoenix Asteroid [Quince Records QRCP-72]

Blissy shoegaze/psyche from Sweden with a little help from Jonas Munk… »more

GOLDSTONED: Le Connoisseur [Quince Records QRCP-34]

Sergeant Pop is back. Mistaken by many for the unlawful child of Paul McCartney and Ronnie Spector, nephew of Belle & Sebastian, and/or cousin of… »more

HEAVINESS: s/t [Quince Records QRCP-61] last copy!

Heavïness are a shoegaze/experimental three-piece based in Stockholm, Sweden. They might be one of the best things since My Bloody Valentine. At… »more

THE HUSSY'S: Super Pro+ [Quince Records QRCP-66]

Do the departed listen to their T-Rex records in heaven? One of many questions posed on the second album by Glasgow's The Hussy's. A superabundance… »more

LOTHAR: Montgolfier [Quince Records QRCP-65]

“Oh ****, that's amazing! It's like the next Luminous Orange, but with the potential for even more greatness!” —Dan Sostrom,… »more

LOVEBITES: Essence [Quince Records QRCP-22]

Danish cult favorites Lovebites have returned after a long hiatus with the album “Essence”. Though well-travelled, the band claims Copenhagen,… »more

MAÑANA: Interruptions [Quince Records QRCP-76]

With ‘Interruptions’, Swiss 5-piece Mañana take us on an eclectic journey through their very own universe, thriving on contrasts and experiments.… »more

MIXTAPES & CELLMATES: Rox [Quince Records QRCP-77]

Stockholm combo Mixtapes & Cellmates return with “Rox,” their highly anticipated second album. Previous albums and EPs were compared with The Radio… »more

MY LITTLE PONY: Think Too Much [Quince Records QRCP-70] last 2 copies

My Little Pony is a new band on the friendly Oslo pop scene. The debut album "Think Too Much" is a critically acclaimed gem. My Little Pony pull on… »more

NO AND THE MAYBES: No And The Maybes [Quince Records QRCP-73]

No and the Maybes are an eclectic three-piece from Copenhagen, Denmark, on a mission to save and reclaim the catchy melody from wedding singers and… »more

THE ORGONE BOX: My Reply [Quince Records QRCP-21] last copy!

From Rick Corcoran (aka The Orgone Box), genius artist on the outskirts of Liverpool, comes a reissue/repackaging of his 2001 debut album with 5… »more

POPFACE: Eleven Pieces of a Broken Heart [Quince Records QRCP-68]

Popface has been synonymous with the Norwegian indie scene, or — more to the point — the shoegazer scene, since they first started in the mid… »more

RADIOSEED: There Has To Be More [Quince Records QRCP-84]

RadioSeed is Peter Wikström of Swedish duo Ecovillage (whose debut album Phoenix Asteroid was released to much critical acclaim in 2009). The… »more

RED CARPET: The Noise Of Red Carpet [Quince Records QRCP-31]

Second album by the unsung heroes of Finnish indie pop, now available in the US! Sharing two members with jangle and shuffle meisters Ultrasport, Red… »more

SANTA DOG: Kittyhawk [Quince Records QRCP-50]

Santa Dog play sparkly, sassy, summer-soaked pop with chiming guitars and a sinister fringe. Think Blondie going two rounds with the Throwing Muses… »more

SCARLET YOUTH: Goodbye Doesn't Mean I'm Gone [Quince Records QRCP-85]

Scarlet Youth—Kalle Pyyhtinen’s (Shamrain) new band—blends huge, enchanting shoegaze melodies with dreamy Finnish melancholia. Add a dash of… »more

SEASHELLS: Remains of Something Sweet [Quince Records QRCP-18]

Return of those lovely 'shells and their incredible snap, bounce, brass, jangle and boundless… »more

THE SONNETS: Sea Storm Blows Plus [Quince Records QRCP-26] last 3 copies

“Sea Storm Blows Plus” is the debut album from The Sonnets, a 5-piece band out of Malmö, Sweden, headed by songwriter Per Magnusson. The Sonnets are… »more

SWEETNESS: Ashtray Floors [Quince Records QRCP-33]

This charming band comes to our shores way of Japan’s Quince Records, but Sweetness hail from California. The quartet took a lot of time with their… »more

TEANECK: Masters of Achievement [Quince Records QRCP-46]

California three-piece, Teaneck, flaunt a confident rock sense and eminently hummable pop melodies on Masters of Achivement, their first full-length… »more

TUPELO HONEYS: Tupelo Honeys Salute You [Quince Records QRCP-52]

Stockholm-based boy/girl duo of twins Joel and Linn Edin have played music more or less all their lives, and finally released their debut “Tupelo… »more

ULTRASPORT: Nothing Can Go Wrong [Quince Records QRCP-23]

High speed jangle pop from Finland brought to you by way of Japan. Appropriately, Ultrasport’s sound comes from somewhere between Keigo “Cornelius”… »more

V/A: Guitar Sketch [Quince Records QRCP-20] last 3 copies

A collection of guitar pop curated by Quince Records of Japan, a label that obviously has its finger on the collective pulse of a global movement.… »more

Vespertine & Son (UK):

AT SWIM TWO BIRDS: Before You Left [Vespertine & Son v & s 102]

Before You Left underlines Roger Quigley's credentials as an expert purveyor of slowly unravelling melancholic pop. Over more than a decade, both on… »more

AT SWIM TWO BIRDS: Quigley's Point [Vespertine & Son v & s 1]

Quiet yet intense solo album from the voice of the Montgolfier Brothers. Perfect for that 3am… »more

THE BITTER SPRINGS: Benny Hill's Wardrobe [Vespertine ves011] last 2 copies

More sour, surly and irresistibly absurd ramblings from south London’s least popular postmen. Features Vic Godard singing in French and producer Mike… »more

THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS: All My Bad Thoughts [Vespertine & Son v & s 5]

2014 basement find! Unavailable since 2010. These last copies have minor discoloration on… »more

THE MONTGOLFIER BROTHERS: Journey's End [Vespertine & Son v & s 4] last copy!

Crepuscular orchestrations from Mark Tranmer (Gnac) and Roger Quigley (At Swim Two… »more

THE OTTO SHOW: The Very Spit of the Otto Show [Vespertine & Son v & s 2]

Vintage recordings by the mysterious third Montgolfier Brother. Armed with 4-track, glockenspiel, ukelele, guitars, piano, harmonium...and a… »more

V/A: An Evening in the Company of the Vespertine [Vespertine ves004]

Appendix Out (Alasdair Roberts), Butterfly Child, Cavil, Fuxa, Gnac, Lazerboy, Mongers, Nautilus, Oneironaut (Ian Masters), Quigley and… »more

Recommended odds & ends:

THE BIG I AM: Collecting Skies [Folkwit Records f0054]

“The Big I Am have been knocking around the Liverpool acoustic scene creating a ripple of fuss for some years now, but never would I have expected… »more

CESSNA: Time Ticks Remixes [Amuri Air lento301]

Unleashing the synthpop potential of the rainy day synth and acoustic guitar number from the last… »more

REBECCA CLAMP: Key to the City [Folkwit Records f0055]

Rebecca Clamp's second release with Folkwit Records, Key to the City, is a love letter to Clamp's neighbourhood in Helsinki, but you don't need to… »more

DANIEL CARLSON: Aviary Jackson [Folkwit Records f0047]

By turns epic, intimate, joyful, and heartbreaking, Daniel Carlson’s AVIARY JACKSON takes us on a cinematic musical journey. “[It’s] a rich album,… »more

GYPSOPHILE: Assunta [Lenka lente lkl-06-03]

Languid and intense "chanson free" from RK nocturnal favorite, Guillaume… »more

GYPSOPHILE: Les profils des dômes [Lenka lente lkl-04-01]

Between classical, folk and jazz. Minimal and intimate, ever nocturnal. Gypsophile just keeps getting more and more… »more

THE HAPPY COUPLE: Into the Woods [Félicité Records FELP1]

From the leafy twilight of indiepop and electronic… »more

THE HEPBURNS: Trojan Hearse [Bendigedig Recordings bdg001]

Jones and Co. wrap you like a warm blanket as they contemplate madness, painkillers, paperboys, hairdressers, divorcees, and Roger Federer's… »more

IF WEN: Take a Look at the Sea [Folkwit Records f0015]

Written on a beach in West Cornwall and recorded in a nearby barn, TAKE A LOOK AT THE SEA is widescreen nu-folk at its most heartbreaking. Imagine an… »more

LOUISE LE MAY: Tell Me One Thing That Is New [Folkwit Records f0039]

With a voice that is at once haunting, intimate, and achingly powerful, London-based singer-songwriter Louise Le May blends sensuous, serpentine… »more

THE MAMS: Wam Bam! [Gonzo/Muso GM007]

Nobody manages to hate this one for long. Totally uncool, totally… »more

MICROMARS: Metro [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub012cd]

Space-age post-pop from a Norwegian wiz. Mr. Micromars guests on Anthony Rochester's "Music for Librarians" too.… »more

MICROMARS: Metro [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub012lp]

As above, but on double 10”… »more

MR. AND MRS. MUFFINS: The Raindrop Dance and Other Songs About Love [Honey Muffin Records HMR001]

Originally recorded for a pair of children’s audio books, this dreamy music begged to stand on its own. And stand it… »more

NEOANGIN: Scratchbook [Lieblingslied Records alive6401730]

Unstable cheerfulness and exhilarated gloom in the form of 26 songs and a 100 page… »more

NEOANGIN: Unhappy House [Jim Avignon jim7]

17 more friendly/fierce junkpop gems from Jim… »more

THE OCEAN TANGO: s/t [Wonder WonderEta] last copy!

Louis Philippe working with Testbild! and vice-versa. What else do you need to… »more

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: Laboratoire Mondial [Sloflo Music flooo1] last copy!

Gorgeous, layered (modern) psychedelia, with honeyed vocals to match Louis… »more

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: A Summerday by the Lake [S.H.A.D.O. Records sub017cd]

Quintessential lazy afternoon music. Gorgeous, thick melodies on the most tripped-out pop debut in… »more

ORWELL: Exposition universelle [Europop 2000 europiste5]

Sunshine pop and baroque rock in a modern mode. French pop doesn’t get any better than this. Download… »more

ORWELL: Exposition universelle [Europop 2000 europiste6]

Orwell never let me down! More airy, orchestral-pop brilliance from Jérôme Didelot and… »more

ORWELL: Continental [Europop 2000 europiste4]

Another lush opus from Nancy-based songwriter Jérôme Didelot, aka Orwell, with electronics (Stylophone, Farfisa, Moog...) now working hand-in-hand… »more

ORWELL: Le génie humain [Twin Fizz Records TFR0707]

Silky, buzzy, French orch. pop goods.… »more

ORWELL: Des lendemains [Europop 2000 europiste3]

Orwell’s first full-length album, from 2002. RK has loved this group from the start. This is the French edition.… »more

ORWELL: L’archipel [Twin Fizz Records TFR0504]

Orwell’s second full-length album. Orwell can do no wrong in RK’s ears. French edition, digipak with 8-page… »more

ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Hot Hits ’96 [Jigsaw Records pzl019]

The wonderful, talented and under-appreciated Mr. Rochester can do no wrong…… »more

RUDOLF ROCKER: Rabbiting With Richard Dido [Mook Records mkcd17]

UK pop eccentrics. Think Wolfhounds / Wedding Present with Hepburns / Monochrome Set… »more

RUDOLF ROCKER: Rousseau [Mook Records mk08] last copy!

Bonkers little gem: Punched up, postpunk take on spy themes and… »more

SAFARIARI: Save New York [Cafe 2001 caf003] last 2 copies

Electronic club pop of the finest order, with a sci-fi Beach Boys… »more

SNIPPET: Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey [Folkwit Records f0060]

Snippet is London born / Colchester based Johnno Casson with a little help from Dutch producer Wim Oudijk. Casson cut his teeth as lead singer of… »more

TESTBILD!: Barrikad [Kalligrammofon kalligrammofon22] last copy!

Mysterious acoustic soundscapes, muted brass fanfares, and general dreaminess from our favorite Swedish… »more

WATOO WATOO: le fumalin [Les Disques Maladroits LDM1]

French duo Watoo Watoo are back, and with what turns out to be (at long last!) their first proper album. As such, le fumalin pulls together all the… »more

My Grandmother [BC Records bc8] last 3 copies

Clarinettist Beth Custer, the composer behind Club Foot Orchestra’s “Rig” (Transmarine, khz398) presents a new score for one of the most whacked… »more