were Sanae Yamasaki and Hideyuki Sasaki from the Northern Japanese city of Sapporo. They released a couple cassettes in Japan and this album for Radio Khartoum. Sanae now records solo as Moskitoo and released an album on the 12k label in 2007.

REPLICANT: Kuuki No Soko


We first heard Sanae and Hideyuki by way Clover’s Pop Jingu Vol. 2 compilation and a lovely tune bearing the curious title “You May Dream in Fortuna Stereo.” We wrote to them, and then were wowed by a series of mutating demos. Suddenly it became clear that what we had on our hands was a solid album of suave bedroom pop à la Watoo Watoo meets 800 Cherries, but with a stronger emphasis on the electronics and a pervasive air of childhood enchantment. It may or may not be a coincidence that 800 Cherries’ own Masayuki Takahashi was drawn to Replicant at one of their gigs in Sapporo. Mr. Takahashi subsequently joined the band in the studio to help produce Kuuki No Soko, their debut album, playing on some tracks and even doing a little remixing of his own.

Out now. And excellent on headphones.

You can read an interview with Replicant here.

01. Non Troppo

02. Hello Welcome

03. Mental Sweeping

04. Soundabout

05. Nothing Can Stop Us

06. Atmosphere

07. You May Dream in Fortuna Stereo

08. Luna Weave

09. Mellow Welcome

10. Location

11. 575

12. Turn Off

13. Float