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Contrary to popular myth Radio Khartoum is not based in Sweden but rather at:

Radio Khartoum
1306 Stannage Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702



Radio Khartoum

is primarily the work/fault of Alexander Bailey. He is helped by:

Jiri Adamik-Novak: audio mastering
Lucy Laird: photography and proofreading
Jun Kurihara: Japanese translation
Angelique Clark: video, color, second, third and fourth opinions
Matt Jones: phrase turning
Neil Shibata: politics, puns, punctuation
Ed Shelflife: html bugging and vacation mail order backup action
Henrik Engström: RK website version 1 ("postmarks and stamps"), Scandinavian liaison, spin
Dale Marquez: assembly assistance and research
Richard O'Brien: words and second opinions
Michaël Korchia: himself


No one remembers for sure, but it is probable that the original inspiration for fake birds design theme of this website came from Czech animation, and quite likely from the films of Jiří Trnka in particular.

RK salutes

…the boutique shops and mail orders who provide a light in the underground.

…and mad record collectors like Dmitry Elentuck, Keith D'Arcy, Bernd Hartwich, Tom Hilverkus, Neil Shibata, and Jörg Winzer for their tireless pursuit of the finest in esoterica and their willingness to share the knowledge.

Most frequently asked question:

Where can I get 3" CDs made? The discs for KHZ198 through KHZ300 were manufactured by Sonopress in Germany. The 3" CD component of MHZ103 was made by DADC Austria.

Hall of Shame:

These guys stole the goods:

Anders Bersten / Dotshop

(SEK 8527)

Tomohiro Fujii / SYFT Records


Editions Milan Music


John “Skippy” “Jack” McFadden / March Records


Eric Serva / Limonade


Daniel Andersson / Benno Mailorder


If you want your name removed from the hall of shame, just pay your bills.

Radio Khartoum

is bicycle powered.