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Gypsophile: De loin, les choses

those silly catalogue cards from the 3" era


The music here follows the parallel lives of two explorers, Molloy and Murdock (aliases ENIAC and UNIVAC), in a mid–20th-century fantasy. Or are the two really one and the same? The liner notes don’t suggest this, but perhaps the cover image does?

It’s a contest of the exploration of outer space versus inner space. But from which comes the image on the back of the package?

An 8 page digipak initially unfolds to reveal the story of ENIAC. Note the national insignia on the rocket.

Unfolding the next panel reveals the story of UNIVAC. Did the government issue the same suits to all their wards?

UNIVAC’s “Chrome-packed shell” motif in metallic ink in on the disc. Behind the disc tray, a shining satellite.