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those silly catalogue cards from the 3" era


An album of acoustic-oriented electronica. Organic, child-like, microscopic. With a lot of melodica.

The design treatment plays with loops, rhythm, and Marc Kellaway’s inspection/disection of sounds. The latter is represented in the oversize halftone pattern of fine diagonal lines which give texture (grain, if you prefer) to the clouds and mountains.

The text is not solid; it’s just a thickening of the lines

Note that there is only one telephone pole…

The pole repeats. But the birds move. As does the cloud (yes, there’s only one).

Who hasn’t enjoyed the undulating rhythms of telephone wires as seen from the window of a moving train or car? Sine-core, this isn’t. Mr. Kellaway’s experimentations are organic.

Note the bird landing in the left-most panel.

The outside panels line up to complete a loop. For the wires, anyway. The clouds are out of phase with the wires, or so it seems.

The same bird is making the same landing. Presumably it’s the same bird flying on the left?

The digipak lends itself to remixing…

But have we been, in fact, running uphill all this time?