Last updated 1 January, 2010

Bike gear that's currently collecting dust. Sorry, the page is a bit bare at the moment. For what it's worth, I recently started carrying some old lights around with me which I am going to give to the next lightless rider I see after dusk.

Important details:

1. I am in Berkeley, California, and prices are in US dollars. Postal costs are not included.
2. Tell me what stuff you want AND tell me your postal address.
3. I will confirm that I've still got the gear, and give you a total price with postage.
4. I accept payment via, or check/money order in US dollars. Send cash at your own risk.
5. Questions? My address:
6. If you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, check to make sure that your spam settings aren't blocking my reply.
7. You can get to my Ebay feedback (yes, I do sell there now and then) via this link.

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Selcof seatpost

Approx. diameter 27mm (sorry, measured with a ruler, not a caliper). Length (bottom of post to seat rails): c. 250 mm. 235 grams. Not sure what material the post body is. Presumably a steel or titanium. Why all the mystery about this post? It was shimmed in on my girlfriend's Rusty Rocket when she bought it. The former owner provided a second (budget style, but correct size) seatpost in the deal, explaining that she'd been using this one (the Selcof) because it was a nicer post. The clamp at the top was holding just fine while it was in use with my gal, but the washer is pretty mangled. I wonder if it's the correct washer? If you know more about this post, let me know. Obviously it's not a current model.