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AT SWIM TWO BIRDS: Quigley's Point

[Vespertine & Son v & s 1] CD $13 buy CD

03. Darling


[khz105] CD $12 buy CD

09. A Melody, a Matter for the Blind

CESSNA: Terminus

[khz303] CD $12 buy CD

02. Encore toujours

05. Book

CESSNA: The Loves, Longings and Regrets of Cessna

[khz100] 3" CD $7 buy CD

01. Summer Boy, Winter Girl

07. Go Easy Gavin

ESSIAR: Summer in Minsk

[khz199] 3" CD $7 buy CD

01. Le pied des arbres

GYPSOPHILE: Les profils des dômes

[Lenka lente lkl-04-01] CDR $11 buy CD

03. Les banlieuses belges

GYPSOPHILE: De loin, les choses

[khz101] CD $12 buy CD

04. Avant qu'il y ait toi

10. Quand sort le 3

GYPSOPHILE: Songs of a Thousand Nights

[khz298] 3" CD $7 buy CD

03. Song of Hiersterday

04. Docteur Chic-Chic

GYPSOPHILE VS. SHOP: Deux musiciens en crise

[khz202] CD $12 buy CD

02. Like It or Not

THE HEPBURNS: Something Worth Stealing

[khz107] CD $12 buy CD

01. The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye

THE HEPBURNS: The Last Thing I Saw Before I Said Goodbye

[khz203] CD $12 buy CD

01. Tokyo Rollerball Cheerleader Chant

03. Blouson-Style Jacket

THE HEPBURNS: Champagne Reception

[khz200] 3" CD $7 buy CD

[mhz200] 10" $7 buy vinyl

01. Jackie O

09. Llan Pop

IF WEN: Take a Look at the Sea

[Folkwit Records f0015] CD $14 buy CD

01. Take a Look at the Sea


[S.H.A.D.O. Records sub012cd] CD $11 buy CD

[sub012lp] 2x10" $11 buy vinyl

08. Thermoluminescent


[Vespertine & Son v & s 4] CD $7 buy CD

01. Journey's End

NEOANGIN: Unhappy House

[Jim Avignon jim7] CD $14 buy CD

03. It’s Not Easy Being Easy

17. If Everything’s Repeating

NICE SYSTEM: Impractical Guide to the Opposite Sex

[khz201] CD $7 buy CD [mhz201] 10" $7 buy vinyl

09. A Day in Christoffer's Bedroom

12. Elevator Disco Express

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: Laboratoire Mondial

[Sloflo Music flooo1] CD $14 buy CD

16. la sphere mondial

ORCHESTRA DU SOLEIL: A Summerday by the Lake

[S.H.A.D.O. Records sub017cd] CD $11 buy CD

04. 35° Celcius

THE OTTO SHOW: The Very Spit of the Otto Show

[Vespertine & Son v & s 2] CD $13 buy CD

08. Sweatin' at the Church of the Good Shepherd

09. Col's Car

REPLICANT: Kuuki No Soko

[khz302] CD $12 buy CD

01. Non Troppo

07. You May Dream in Fortuna Stereo

13. Float

ANTHONY ROCHESTER: Music for Librarians

[khz205] CD $12 buy CD

06. Métropolitain

11. Emotional Song No. 2

RUDOLF ROCKER: Rabbiting With Richard Dido

[Mook Records mkcd17] CD $13 buy CD

02. Hijack

SAFARIARI: Save New York

[Cafe 2001 caf003] CD $11 buy CD

05. Hoshi no ongaku

SEASHELLS: Remains of Something Sweet

[Quince Records QRCP-18] CD $13 buy CD

04. Thru With Love (I Quit!)

TESTBILD!: The Inexplicable Feeling Of September

[Friendly Noise fyn22] CD $14 buy CD

03. Rain And Air

14. Clandestine Clam

TESTBILD!: The Double Life of Testbild!

[khz102] CD $12 buy CD

03. Molloy in Orbit

06. Willowpond Park

WATOO WATOO: le fumalin

[Les Disques Maladroits LDM1] CD $12 buy CD

06. Un mot de trop

10. L'univers étrange

WATOO WATOO: Picture of a Lost Friend

[khz299] 3" CD $7 buy CD

01. The Golden Castle

V/A: The Flight of Everson K (18fps vol. 1)

[khz198] 3" CD $7 buy CD

02. Bizarre: "Barcode Warrior Twelve"

06. Instant Life: "Ms. Raki"

V/A: Transmarine (18fps vol. 2)

[khz398] 3" CD $7 buy CD

02. Club Foot Orchestra: "Rig"

V/A: The Stations of Abandoned Days (18fps vol. 3)

[khz300] 3" CD $7 buy CD

01. Chesty Morgan: "Svensk Roulette (Intro)"

02. Cinnamon: "I Can (Almost) Smell the Sun"

V/A: The Politics of Disappearance (18fps vol. 4)

[khz301] CD $7 buy CD

03. Dakota Suite: "I Turned Away So That I Might Not See"

04. Julien Ribot: "Autrepart est un lieu sans histoires"

V/A: The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei (18fps vol. 5)

[khz401] CD $7 buy CD

04. 800 Cherries “Boo the Blackberry 2001”